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'Mannequin' (1992) starring Dulce Duca, James Weeds

Jordon Thomas Sendall's chilling motion picture, restored and remastered for today's modern audiences.

It came from Uranus! Just in time for Halloween; JS Studios presents, Jordon Thomas Sendall's chilling Motion Picture; 'Mannequin'. Starring Dulce Duca and presented by Prof. James Weeds.

Join us this all hallow's eve, Saturday 31st Oct at 7pm sharp, via this youtube link for the live premiere of the movie.

Lovingly restored from the original VHS tapes and presented in widescreen, for today's modern audiences, with all ̶N̶e̶w̶ *old music from swedish pop sensation, 'Archie's Breakfast'.

Official selection 'Boo-urns fest' 2020 and Official selection 'Fright Night' 2020. Currently in consideration for selection with the renowned new wave 'shite night', film festival.

But don't take our word for it..! What do audiences have to say?

"If you plan on watching Jordon Thomas Sendall’s “Mannequin” be sure to have some spare underwear at the ready. For this spine chilling horror will have your skin crawling as you watch and wonder how anyone with a sane mind could co nceive such a visual monstrosity. It’s the feast your eyes didn’t ask for, but one they will devour all the same. And as the curtains close you will feel petrified, almost like a mannequin yourself." - Kyle Ball (artist, portrait painter) for 'Films and that monthly' magazine circa 1992.

Jordon Thomas Sendall's 'Mannequin'! Starring Dulce Duca with James Weeds... a spectacle not to be missed! So dim the lights and get ready for some frights this Halloween at 7PM...

*viewer discretion is advised... you may or may not be entertained. Copyright JS Studios 2020, all rights reserved.

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