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UPCOMING SCREENING: 'A Love Letter to Row 116' | 24th June 2022

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall

JS Studios latest project: Karl Trosclair's film 'A Love Letter to Row 116' will be available to watch at an exclusive screening event at the Primeyarc gallery, Great Yarmouth June 24th 2022.

The rows are an integral part of the history of Great Yarmouth, and each row within Great Yarmouth is unique in it's own way. Row 116 otherwise known as 'Sam Hurry's row' is no exception, and is a bustling hive of activity in the past and to the present day with a rich tapestry of history seepings from it's vibrant architecture and cobbled stones.

This film, 'A Love Letter to Row 116' is just that; a fond look at documenting Row 116 and the people that inhabit and occupy the spaces around and within the row; showcasing their stories and the events that take place there.

From the art and exhibitional offerings of Skippings Gallery, to the aroma of coffee and smoked chicken at MM's Coffee Bar, to the back of Row 116 and the nefarious drug related activities, all walks of life are covered within 'A Love letter to Row 116'. The film is presented by Karl Trosclair and filmed and directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall, with art direction and sound by Kyle Ball.

'A Love Letter to Row 116' forms part of the New Histories Project, funded by The Arts Council England and Original Projects. The film is shot entirely on location at Row 116, Great Yarmouth Norfolk produced by JS Studios.


The studioUS Film Screening is an event showing artists’ film and moving image, programmed by filmmaker Emily Richardson in conjunction with the exhibition studioUS, and in collaboration with The Art Station, Saxmundham.

The event will feature screenings of works submitted to the collaborative exhibition studioUS, plus additional invited films including:

  1. Thomas Nashe; Lenten Stuff, Anna Brass 2019. 14 min

  2. Several Worlds, Jean Hogg, 2021. 5 min 23s

  3. The Engine Room 1, The Film Set

  4. Charlie Ditcham, 2 min

  5. Films by Alistair Nicholls TBC

  6. Love Letter to Row 116, 30 min (Written and Presented by Karl Trosclair, Directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall of JS Studios, Art Direction and Sound by Kyle Ball)

To explore their value, studioUS presents an exhibition as a survey and interrogation of some of the functions, activities and outputs of artists’ studios and networks, showing work by artists connected with three creative organisations; originalprojects (Great Yarmouth), OUTPOST Studios (Norwich) and The Art Station (Saxmundham). The full studioUS exhibition is on show at Primeyarc, Great Yarmouth until 24th July.

To find out more about the screening, and to register your interest in the event hosted by Original Projects:

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