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Shanghai'd Update 09/05/2020

Updated: May 9, 2020

Director, Jordon Thomas Sendall's 'seaside saga' has been placed on hold.- namely Shanghai'd the second planned film in the seaside saga which takes place amongst the picturesque backdrop of the English east coast. No way out and nowhere to go. Life's a beach when you've been Shanghai'd.

Concept Art for the short film, Shangahi'd

Due to concerns with COVID-19 production on the film has been placed on hold, with a view for JS Studios and Jordon Thomas Sendall to begin production on smaller film projects until COVID-19 has passed.

Director Jordon Thomas Sendall stated "The film (Shanghai'd) is a big ambitious feature length project, it's the follow up to SWITCH (2013) and as such with the world as it is, unfortunately it makes sense to take a step back from the project for now. It would be difficult to film (Shanghai'd) especially in the aftermath of COVID and as such I fear the film would not be fully realised if production was to continue now".

Jordon Thomas Sendall is however currently working on his next film, 'Mr Bojangles' which is a short horror. He (Jordon Thomas Sendall) describes 'Mr Bojangles' as 'more viable as it's a smaller project'

Further details regarding 'Mr Bojangles' can be found here

Written and directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall, 'Shanghaid' is a JS Studios production penned for a 2021 release and more details will be announced in the coming year.

Shanghai'd on Facebook

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