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'The Creature from Scroby Sands' scares Gloucester audiences stiff at Fortean Film Festival 2022

Film & media production company JS Studios, based in Great Yarmouth, is currently within pre-production for their next cinematic horror film ‘The Creature from Scroby Sands’ where an exclusive ten minute preview of the film was screened this weekend at the Fortean Film Festival in Gloucester. The film went on to win three awards: Best Work in Progress, Best Poster/Artwork with Best Performance going to Millie the Dog, for her portrayal of ships skipper, Dillas the Dog.

Created by local filmmaker Jordon Thomas Sendall, self-taught Norfolk artist Kyle Ball and local writer James Weeds, the 1960's inspired horror flick is a homage to classic cinema of the era, focusing on four teenagers choosing to holiday in Great Yarmouth, amidst the threat of a dangerous sea creature that is on the loose.

The Creature from Scroby Sands hosts a wide range of local talent and fully utilizes the surrounding areas to it's advantage.

When asked, Director and Producer Jordon Thomas Sendall said: “I am a massive fan of the aethestic of classic cinema, and so the idea of 'The Creature from Scroby Sands' really appealed to me. Great Yarmouth looks incredible on film, and Norfolk is the perfect location right here on my doorstep."

"Everyone involved within the production has been amazing, we couldn't have asked for anything more and the reception to it already even though we have only shown audiences the first ten minutes has been very positive”

In light of their recent awards and success in the Fortean Film Festival, JS Studios are planning to hold a local red carpet, premiere screening of the film once it is completed later this year.

On winning three awards at the Fortean Film Festival, Producer and Art Director Kyle Ball said "Remarkable, best poster/artwork was great to win, as I painted the poster myself, oil on canvas so that was really nice to have won that. Although I do feature within the ten minute preview I play the character of Jade, I was unfortunatly pipped at the post, and the award for Best Performance went to Millie the Dog, who plays skipper Dillas..."

The horror film comes as a direct inpsiration from the team's previous cinematic project 'FACT OR FICTION? The Norfolk Sea Creature' in which they explored the possibility a sea creature could be living on the Norfolk Coast, featuring eye witness accounts and real stories.

'The Creature from Scroby Sands' is directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall, produced by Kyle Ball, with screenplay by James Weeds and releases later this year.

To keep up to date on production news/interviews and more follow JS Studios social media @jsstudiosmedia.

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