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The Driver

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The neon landscape comes to life...

An 80's inspired, neon fuelled journey through the painted streets of Great Yarmouth, after dark.

James Moore is 'The Driver' a short film written and directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall.

A title page for Jordon Thomas Sendall's 'The Driver'

Concept and Idea:

Illuminated by the bright lights and the neon of a forgotten coastal town, one man is consumed, fixated by the notion of the drive. However, time is of the essence a realisation that dawns all too soon.

“Pink hues wash away my blues”

Currently within post production, The Driver will be released in the coming months, once it has endured a tenure of festival circulation. One thing is for certain, Great Yarmouth has never looked so good!

The Driver, written and directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall, and starring James Moore.

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