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WATCH ONLINE (in January): FACT OR FICTION? The Norfolk Sea Creature (2021)

FACT OR FICTION? 'The Norfolk Sea Creature' will be available to watch online FREE in January 2022! The theatrical release of the JS Studios 'unique' documentary will be online, free for all, via the official FACT OR FICTON? youtube channel. The Norfolk Sea Creature is directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall and exectivly produced by Kyle Ball, with associate producing by Tiah-Paige Burrell and marks the exciting return of the FACT OR FICTION? series.

"I remember Kyle Ball (Producer) talking to me about Hughie, a curious radio enthusiast set up in his shed, who had heard a strange noise on his radio he re-called. I knew at once I had to speak to Hughie, and in one evening, FACT OR FICTION? was born."


For years strange sightings of an unidentified creature have been reported on the East Norfolk coastline. FACT OR FICTION? investigates these sightings and showcases the stories of those who have encountered it along the coast.

FACT OR FICTION? 'The Norfolk Sea Creature' is a feature-length documentary that delves into local myths and legends of this highly volatile being. From one radio enthusiast's shed on the dunes of Eccles, to the golden sands of Great Yarmouth and back again to the eroding cliffs at Happisburgh, FACT OR FICTION? follows those affected by the creature that is said to inhabit the North Sea. The story is told through eye witness accounts, and offers a unique glimpse into life on the East Coast.


FACT OR FICTION? is a unique cinematic documentary follows the lives of East Anglian residents and holiday makers all with one thing in common. They believe they have encountered ‘The Norfolk Sea Creature’ which is said to inhabit the North Sea. Sightings stretch from Happisburgh to Great Yarmouth, along the remote coastline.

With only circumstantial evidence, investigations have been piecemeal. Evidence presented consist of witness testimonies, blurry photographs and shaky video captures. The film even documents a former holidaymaker who believes they were attacked by the creature and has vowed never to return. The film is dedicated to the memory of Jacob ‘Trawler Boy’ Fisher.

The film premiered at the Fortean Film Festival in September 2021, and has since been well recieved in it's hometown of Great Yarmouth, by audiences at an exclusive screening held at the Primeyarc Gallery.


FACT OR FICTION? The Norfolk Sea Creature is a JS Studios production, directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall, exectively produced by Kyle Ball with associate producing by Tiah-Paige Burrell.

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