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WATCH | Trailer for 'The Creature from Scroby Sands' is released

The official trailer for 'The Creature from Scroby Sands' has been released on the popular streaming website Youtube. Audiences can for the first time catch a glimpse of the upcoming JS Studios horror film.

It's the film critics are saying is 'good in places'. Audiences are baffled by it, and cinemas are hesitant to show it - Beware them snickems, it's.... 'THE CREATURE FROM SCROBY SANDS' - starring Grant Barker, Jacob Rosoman, Shannon Hume & Terran Burrell (with Adam Gammage).

UK Release Date: TBC 2023

Starring: Grant Barker, Jacob Rosoman, Shannon Hume, Terran Burrell with Adam Gammage, Mille the dog, Hughie 'the druid' Harwood, Anna Hales & Karl Trosclair.

Directed By: Jordon Thomas Sendall

Produced By: Kyle Ball

Screenplay By: James Weeds (with re-write by Jordon Thomas Sendall)

Synopsis: Four teens arrive in Great Yarmouth, #norfolk for a bloody holiday they will never forget…

Subscribe to the official JS Studios Youtube channel to stay up to date on the films release.

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